Ghost of Tsushima Patch 2.12 Will Rebalance Legends Multiplayer Mode



Balanced like the blade.



Sucker Punch has announced a new patch for Ghost of Tsushima, taking the game to version 2.12, or 2.012.00 on PlayStation 5. This incoming update is focused on Legends, the excellent co-op multiplayer expansion added to the game not long after launch.



There's a laundry list of patch notes to go through, but almost everything contributes to rebalancing Legends in one way or another. Each class has been tweaked; for example, the Assassin's stealth kills are now quicker and quieter, and cooldown times for two of the Hunter's abilities have been reduced. When playing Survival and Rival modes, enemy spawns will be randomised, and will change with each match, keeping you on your toes.



There's a lot packed in here for Legends players. There's no precise date for when this patch will drop, but Sucker Punch says it'll arrive "in the coming days", so watch out for it if you're a fan of samurai co-op action.



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