Free Games and Unmissable Deals: Check out what's new on the Epic Games Store in April

Free Games and Unmissable Deals: Check out what's new on the Epic Games Store in April
Next week's free titles on the Epic Games Store have been confirmed and the month of April is packed with free games.

Free until April 6th is The Silent Age, an apocalyptic point-and-click adventure game where you use time travel to unravel the mystery behind humanity's demise and save the world from extinction.

Tunche is also free until April 6th and brings roguelike action in an adventure from Leap Game Studios and shows Rumi's adventure in the Amazon rainforest threatened by a powerful force.

From the week of April 6th to April 13th, Blazing Sails, a Pirate Battle Royale in search of treasures, and Dying Light Enhanced Edition will be available for free. The title, released in 2016, contains the original game Dying Light and several DLCs, including the story expansion The Following.

The game will stay on the player's account forever after redemption. His gratuity is part of Epic Games' campaign to distribute free games weekly in its store, which has been happening since the service's inauguration. See below how to redeem:
  1.      Go to the Epic Games website.
  2.      Create an Epic Games account, the account can be linked to various profiles such as Xbox, Steam, Apple, Playstation Network and others.
  3.      Remember to write down your password for future access.
  4.      Just below the featured games area of the week enter the free games area and click on the blue button below the picture of the desired game.
  5.      Check if the chosen game has a value of 0.00 or Free and click on buy.
  6.      A receipt will be sent to your email and the game will be added to your Epic Games library to play indefinitely.

In addition, the Epic Games Publishing Promotion is now available, bringing a variety of games to fill your library.

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