First Microsoft games added to Boosteroid announced for June 1st

First Microsoft games added to Boosteroid announced for June 1st
Boosteroid and Microsoft have revealed the names of the first four games that will be available in the streaming platform's library as part of the ten-year agreement signed by the two companies a few months ago.

This news is not surprising, as the four announced games are the same as the similar agreement Microsoft made with NVIDIA's GeForce NOW: Gears 5, developed by Coalition, Deathloop by Arkane Lyon, and Grounded and Pentiment by Obsidian.

While GeForce NOW users already have access to Gears 5 and will be able to stream the other three games starting next Thursday, Boosteroid users will have to wait until June 1st to enjoy all four titles.

Expanding the library and the future agreement with Activision Blizzard: Microsoft highlighted that this is just the first step of a rollout that will include the rest of Microsoft and Bethesda's libraries.

Furthermore, if the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is approved, these games will also be available on Boosteroid and other platforms. These agreements were made by Microsoft to address regulators' concerns regarding competition in the growing cloud gaming market.

Although it worked together with the European Union, which approved the agreement last week, requiring Microsoft to agree to a global and free 10-year license for cloud gaming providers and users, the UK Competition and Markets Authority has shown uncertainty about the positive impacts of these deals, expressing skepticism about the contract terms due to specific clauses.

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