Fans of Classic JRPGs Should Keep an Eye on 8-Bit Adventures 2, Heading to PS5, PS4


If you're a fan of the old Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy games — you know, those cosy, pixelated Japanese RPGs from back in the day — you'll definitely want to keep an eye on 8-Bit Adventures 2. Developed by Australian indie studio Critical Games, there's a clear passion for the classics here, and there's real potential on show in the trailer embedded above.


The press release says it all. 8-Bit Adventures 2 has "an earnest, engaging storyline; relatable, easy-to-love characters; strategic turn-based battles; deep party customisation; bizarre monsters; an unforgettable soundtrack; and a large, fantastical world, traversed by Airship, and filled with people full of personality – all brought to life by vibrant 8-Bit inspired visuals."


It continues: "8-Bit Adventures 2is everything you love about NES, SNES and PS1-era JRPGs – with all of the charm, heart and soul, but none of the inconvenience." What more could you want?


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The game's coming to both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, but we don't have a release window just yet. Are you liking the look of this old school adventure? Embark on a JRPG journey in the comments section below.


Source: PushSquare.

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8-Bit Adventures 2

Release date: Dec 31, 2018

Developer(s): Critical Games,

Game Mode: Single player,

Platform(s): PC (Microsoft Windows),

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