Fallout 76 will get custom worlds this September

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Make Fallout 76 whatever you like



Fallout 76 is a game where you can play with both strangers and friends — unless you subscribe to Fallout 1st, the subscription service that allows you to vibe in a private world. So far, there haven’t been too many upsides to having a private world, besides the luxury of farming the Whitespring Resort without having to worry about competition for the sweet loot within. That will change in September with Fallout Worlds, which will allow players to modify their own servers, developer Bethesda Game Studios announced Tuesday.


These customizable settings can be minor, like making the game a little easier or giving yourself infinite ammo. They can also be pretty big, like raising the height limit for settlements, building CAMPs in previously restricted places, summoning big monsters, or jumping as high as you like.


The Fallout Worlds update will add two modes to Fallout 76: Public Worlds and Custom Worlds. Public Worlds are a rotating series of custom servers available to all players. These are fun, wacky, curated experiences. Fallout 1st subscribers will be able to create their own Custom Worlds and invite their friends over (including ones without a subscription).


As of Tuesday, Fallout Worlds is available for testing on Fallout 76’s public test server, and Bethesda said it will continue to add new sliders, options, and abilities in the future. This is fantastic news for role-players, builders, and fans who are tired of getting murdered by Mirelurks endlessly.


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