F1 22 Cross-Play Support Arrives Later This Month

Take it for a spin with trial weekends.

Racing fans will be pleased to learn that Codemasters is finally bringing cross-play multiplayer to F1 22. Currently, the game's online community is fragmented by platform, but that'll soon be a thing of the past when the developer implements the feature very soon.

Branching across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, players will be able to battle for racing supremacy together when cross-play is introduced at the end of August. Before then, though, you'll be able to enjoy a sneak preview with two trial weekends.

This weekend — 5th to 7th August — you will be able to engage in some cross-play Social Races. From 12th to 14th August, the functionality will be enabled for Two-Player Career.

Cross-play will be added to the game properly later in the month, but if you're keen to get going, you can take advantage of these trial periods beforehand.

Are you happy to see cross-play come to F1 22?


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