Exclusive New Look At Shin Megami Tensei V’s Special Demons, Secrets, And Difficulty Settings


Ever since the big E3 release date announcement at the start of summer, we’ve been providing you with regular check-ins on Shin Megami Tensei V. To this point, we’ve showcased exclusive looks at the cast of characters, demons, and the combat of Shin Megami Tensei V. Today, we’re diving into the world's many secrets, special versions of demons that represent Bethel, and how the difficulty settings work.



As you journey through Da'at, the alternate, post-apocalyptic version of Tokyo, you receive requests and suggestions from various demons you come across. While some ask you to hand over items, others might ask you to take down other demons. Completing the quests rewards you with things like items, Macca (the in-game currency), and EXP.



The Shin Megami Tensei series has traditionally had some difficulty spikes, so Atlus is including three difficulty settings at launch, as well as one that will be added as free DLC. At launch, players can choose between Casual (more laid-back gameplay), Normal (for those who want a bit of a challenge), and Hard (for those who want a much bigger challenge).



You can select between those three difficulties at launch, and you can change the difficulty later in the game, but if you switch from Hard to either Normal or Casual, you will not be able to switch back on that save. You can, however, continue to swap between Casual and Normal at any point in your playthrough. After launch, Atlus will release free DLC for a Safety difficulty setting, which is designed to allow anyone (including RPG beginners) to progress through the story comfortably. More information will be announced about this in the near future.



As we covered in a previous story, the protagonist cooperates with Bethel's Tokyo Branch to protect the city from demons. However, as you play, you encounter demons representing Bethel branches from around the globe. From Khonsu and Vasuki (representing Bethel Egypt and Bethel India, respectively) to Zeus and Odin (from Bethel Greece and Bethel North Europe), you interact with a wide array of Bethel-affiliated demons, all with intersecting ambitions and goals that may affect both Tokyo and the protagonist.



Source:  Gameinformer

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