Dying Light 2 receives Payday 2-themed event

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Event runs until September 21

Techland has released a new update for Dying Light 2 that comes with a new event in partnership with Payday 2. If dealing with some terrifying monsters wasn't enough, get ready to see them dressed up as one of the biggest gangs ever seen.

As always, participating in the event will bring rewards; this time, the game features red diamonds that need to be collected if you want to earn some goodies.

By collecting 40 red diamonds, you unlock the Dallas mask, and by collecting 50 of these diamonds, you get a weapon blueprint that looks like a wad of cash.

If players collectively manage to gather 11 million red diamonds, each one will receive 25 Pilgrim Tokens to spend.

The event runs until September 21 and brings a Payday package that is being sold for 550 DL in the in-game store. The package includes an outfit, legendary hammer, artifact blueprint, paraglider with the Dallas mask, and a cash wad as a weapon.

In addition to the event, the update introduces Dying Light Points, which are used to acquire visuals. Anyone who logs into the game until October 7 can redeem 500 free DL points, although it's not enough to acquire the new Payday package.

The update also brings a series of fixes and improvements to the game, along with the option to adjust the game's brutality level, allowing for a less bloody and brutal experience, which can be useful for livestreams.

The prologue has also been modified, and now you can skip it and start the game directly at the "Getting Stronger" mission, aiming for quicker access to cooperative mode. Nevertheless, you can still access tutorial messages in case you need a refresher on the game's controls.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.
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