"Do you See Sparky?" announced by Clapperheads Studios

"Do you See Sparky?" announced by Clapperheads Studios
A mix between Phasmophobia and a bizarre doll.

Developed by Bulgarian studio Clapperheads and published by Heart Core LTD, the unexpected Do You See Sparky? promises to delight fans of horror games, especially because it is an FPS (First Person Shooter), or the famous game with a first-person view, mixed with gameplay of personal deduction, in the same style of the consecrated Among Us.

For you to understand the premise of the game, sixteen players play together, in which one of them will be drawn to be an evil spirit that has the body of a frighteningly strange doll, as if it were Chucky's wife, protagonist of horror series and movies. The other players run around the haunted mansion, looking for clues and unraveling puzzles to get out of the place as soon as possible. And of course, always making sure none of them are Sparky, the spirit to be defeated.

As you can imagine, Sparky must be smart and carry out the assassination of each player silently, so that he will not be discovered. To give the game a more dramatic air, other players can communicate via walkie-talkie, making the tension even greater, as death may be closer than you expect.

The murdered player can still check how the match is going through the security cameras, but he will not be able to help, nor give any clue as to who is carrying out the killings.

Still without a release date, Do You See Sparky? comes to PC only.

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