DICE reworking Battlefield 2042 maps, says future maps will be smaller

Kaleidoscope will see the first rework in season one

After a rough launch period for Battlefield 2042, developer DICE updated players on key design changes for its shooter in a blog post Thursday morning. The studio says it has discovered some pain points across all of Battlefield 2042’s maps — although these issues are prominent in some maps more than others — and revealed changes coming in season one to help alleviate the problems, as well as plans to build smaller maps in the future.

In its research, DICE say it has discovered issues with traversal, intensity, line of sight, paths, and cover in Battlefield 2042’s maps. The games maps are too large and objective areas are too spread out. It takes players too long to move from their base to the nearest objective, leading to a lot of traversal time. “We’ve seen you use terms such as ‘Walking Simulator’ to describe how this feels in-game,” the developer said. “We understand that this isn’t a satisfying experience and agree that there’s too much overall travel time.”

However, once in combat, things can get a bit too intense with the number of players and vehicles swarming around. DICE said it’s looking to reduce the player count in certain modes, specifically Breakthrough, where it’ll likely land on 64 players. It’s also looking at removing the number of vehicles players have access to.

The studio will move certain bases and objectives closer together. As you can see in the image below, the attack groups in sector one are far closer together in the prototype layout, and the attackers will start on the same side of the map as the objective. This should help concentrate players in the objective area, and reduce the amount of time spent walking from the base to attack points.`

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