Diablo IV beta early download is now available

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Players will have access to Diablo IV's Prologue and Act 1

Blizzard Entertainment has released more details about Diablo IV's Early Access and Open Beta. The game starts this week for those who pre-ordered the game.

Those who pre-ordered can now download the beta of the game. Meanwhile, anyone waiting for the open beta will be able to leave the game downloaded from the 22nd.

Now, those who bought the game in advance will be able to play it from March 17th until the 20th. Those who are waiting for the open beta will be able to play it from March 24th until the 27th.

Players will have access to the prologue and Act 1 during testing

Early access and open beta will allow access to the prologue and Act 1, offering access to the Fractured Summits area. During the test period, the player will be able to evolve the chosen class up to level 25, in addition to being able to create more than one character.

During the early access weekend, three classes will be released to players, being the combative Barbarians, the agile Forsaken or the elemental Mages. When the open beta weekend begins, Earth Druids and Necromancers will also be eligible for a total of five classes.

According to the studio, it will be possible to create up to 10 characters per Battle.net account. All progress made during Early Access and Open Beta weekends will carry over, however characters created during those periods will be deleted at the end of the beta.

Starting March 17th, the Diablo IV forums will be available for players to report bugs and provide feedback in the Forums tab.

“When the Open Beta ends, we will evaluate all feedback received and make changes as needed. We look forward to seeing you experience this small taste of what Diablo IV has to offer”, explains Blizzard.

Cooperative mode

You don't have to go on this initial journey alone, on all consoles that support Diablo IV local co-op, it will be possible to summon a second player to hunt demons on the same screen. In this case, only one of the players needs to have official access to the beta, meanwhile, the second player only needs to have a Battle.net account linked to his account.

In addition to local mode, you can team up with a group via four-player online co-op. All players must have official beta access unless the player is using local co-op.

When killing demons and monsters near any player, you will receive a 5% experience bonus, or 10% if you are near a member of your party.

Get ready for a real challenge

During early access and open beta it will be possible to face a great challenge, Ashava, one of the most hideous creations of the Burning Hells. Be careful when going alone, it is believed that the union of travelers is necessary to defeat this aberration. Of course, when you win this challenge, a great reward will be waiting for you.

Unique rewards

It will be possible to get three rewards from these test periods, just complete some objectives to have access to these items when Diablo IV is released.
  •      Initial Victim Title: earned upon reaching Kyovashad with a character;
  •      Early Traveler Title: Received upon reaching level 20 with a character;
  •      Beta Wolf Backpack Cosmetic Item: Received upon reaching level 20 with a character.

Diablo IV will be released on June 6 for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.
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