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Cuphead Toys Have Now Strangely Come to Arby’s Restaurants

Cuphead Toys Have Now Strangely Come to Arby’s Restaurants

Cuphead Toys Have Now Strangely Come to Arby’s Restaurants

Cuphead has continued to gain notoriety and is now being included in Kids Meals at participating Arby's locations.


While we might still be waiting on the forthcoming downloadable content to arrive, Cuphead has now made his way to a rather unusual new location.

Announced by Studio MDHR recently, the iconic indie character Cuphead is now making appearances at an Arby’s near you. Yes, the restaurant that is known for its roast beef sandwiches has strangely crossed over with Cuphead and is now giving away toys based on the character with the purchase of Kids Meals. The toys are said to be papercraft iterations of some of the bosses that players are likely familiar with from Cuphead itself.


While the collaboration between Cuphead and Arby’s might be a bit strange on paper, the fast food chain has actually been tied to gaming for awhile now. The brand’s Twitter account, in particular, often tweets about some of the latest video games releases and trends that may be occurring in the industry at any given time. As such, this crossover makes a bit more sense from this perspective.

Arby’s hasn’t said how long this promotion will be lasting, so if you want to score some of the toys for yourself, you should probably go to your nearest location sooner rather than later. As for Cuphead itself, the game is now available on Xbox One, PC, Switch, and as of earlier this year, PS4.



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