Call your team! Caliber will be released on April 12

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Key to victory lies in reading the situation

As a game focused on tactical operation among operators, the free-to-play Caliber will officially launch on April 12, after an extensive open beta period since 2019.

Offering PVP and PVE matches, the game features 68 playable operators, being represented by 17 special armed forces units from 12 different countries, including: the United States, England, Israel, Germany, and France.

Caliber has four classes:
  • Assault - The fastest unit in the game, capable of being able to flank the enemy and storm their lines.
  • Sniper - Provides cover, as well as being able to eliminate enemies at long range.
  • Medic - Heals and revives allies, and is effective in close and medium range combat.
  • Support - A well-equipped operator who has a lot of HP and armor. The Support's main objective is to distract enemies and stop their attacks.
With support for English, Spanish and Portuguese, Caliber will be released for PC only.
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