BOKURA arrives August 10 for Nintendo Switch, PC , Android and iOS

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The game is currently in Early Access

The adventure and puzzle game for two players, BOKURA, will be released on August 10th for Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, Android, and iOS.

Currently, the game developed by Tokoronyori and published by Kodansha is in Early Access on Steam.

BOKURA is an exclusive adventure and puzzle game for two players. To play, each person needs to use a separate device. Although you must collaborate, what appears on your game screens is completely different.

While both of you see the same character, to one of you, it may appear as an animal from an illustrated book, while to the other, it may appear as a robot. The interactive objects can also move differently for each player.

You will need to communicate to find out what each of you sees or doesn't see. Work together to solve the puzzles and progress on the journey. You can play online from different locations while talking through a call.

"Two boys running away from home come across a dead deer. Witnessing this causes them to faint, but when they wake up, the worlds they see are no longer the same.

One of them sees a world of animals, while the other sees a world of machines. Will the boys be able to figure out what happened to them and return to the world they used to be in?"

BOKURA will be available on August 10th for Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, Android, and iOS.

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