Be careful with the egg! Turbo Shell arrives on Steam on May 23rd

Be careful with the egg! Turbo Shell arrives on Steam on May 23rd
Master a propulsion device and defeat an egg that is putting the universe in danger

Radioactive Dream announced on Tuesday (16) that the platform game Turbo Shell will be released for PC via Steam on May 23rd. With a unique mechanics for the genre, the game proposes to move away from the famous jumping scheme.

Turbo Shell introduces the Egg Propulsion System (EPS), which consists of two dice and is used by Craig, the hero of this story, to move through dangerous environments. Instead of running and jumping, the EPS allows the player to propel themselves through the levels.

Learning how to move with the EPS is extremely important to overcome challenges and not break apart, as the egg is fragile.

You must go through five worlds to defeat the terrible Evil Egg, which has put the entire universe in danger. Fortunately, death is not permanent, when you die, you come back, and not always to the beginning, there are checkpoints that will make your path easier.

Turbo Shell will be released on May 23rd for PC via Steam.
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Turbo Shell

Release date: Jan 01, 1970

Developer(s): Radioactive Dreams,

Publisher(s): Radioactive Dreams,

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