Battlefield 2042 Is Crashing Xbox Consoles, Early Access Players Say


Although the latest installment in the Battlefield series officially launches on November 19, folks who doled out extra money to play Battlefield 2042 early say the game won’t stop crashing on Xbox Series X.


“I’m just playing a few minutes, sometimes an hour and suddenly my whole Xbox shuts down,” reads a post pinned to the top of the Battlefield 2042 technical issues forum.


Since yesterday afternoon, the thread has accrued over 100 replies, the vast majority of which come from other Battlefield 2042 players describing the same problems. Some point out that the crashes have been a consistent issue since the game unlocked, while others mention they can only play for a few minutes before suffering another console-crashing bug.


EA community reps seem to be doing everything they can to help frustrated players in the thread, but the potential solutions they’ve provided—simple things like making sure the console’s firmware is up to date—haven’t stemmed the tide of complaints. And similar stories are starting to pop up elsewhere, with many pointing out that the issue was prevalent in the beta as well.


“Played a couple of matches with my buddies,” explained one r/Battlefield2042 user. “Then the next match, I wasn’t having issues for maybe 10 mins then boom, Xbox Series X completely shut off.”


“This seriously needs to be addressed,” wrote another. “When you can’t finish a game and your whole console turns off, it’s bad.”


“I did not pay $120 just to have the game crash me back to the dashboard every single match,” said a third.


That’s right, Battlefield 2042 early access costs extra. Whether it’s via pre-orders of the Gold and Ultimate Edition bundles ($89.99 and $109.99 respectively) or an active EA Play Pro membership ($14.99/month or $99.99/year), the players currently experiencing these crashing issues are the dedicated fans who were willing to pay more for the seven-day head-start.


While there are singular reports of similar issues on other platforms, Xbox Series X owners appear to be the most affected by a sizable margin.


Source: Kotaku.

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