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Amnesia: Rebirth will be a hell of a way to celebrate Halloween

Amnesia: Rebirth will be a hell of a way to celebrate Halloween

October 2020 has its big-ticket horror game. Amnesia: Rebirth, the long-time-coming sequel to 2010's Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is out on October 20 for PS4 and PC (Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store). It's launching at $29.99, and there's a 10% discount for early birds and PlayStation Plus. Rebirth is set in the Algerian Desert. Playing as Tasi Trianon, you'll have to make sense of your eerie surroundings and your "shattered past" while managing limited "physical and mental" resources. As Frictional Games puts it, Amnesia: Rebirth couldn't be a "side-project" and risk getting "lost in the crowd." During its production, it went from "a game with a small scope to being the biggest and most ambitious game we have produced to date." With SOMA forever etched on my mind, I'm stoked to see what that means – well, as "stoked" as anyone can be when vile creatures are scurrying out of sight. "This sort of change in scope wasn't without issues, especially as we were working on another, currently secret, project at the same time," the studio added. "But, finally, we got through it, and created a game of the quality we wanted." It'll be tough to top the legacy of The Dark Descent. If they're excited, I'm excited.

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