Alawar announces Beholder: Conductor, a New Spin-Off of the Beholder Series

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Alawar Entertainment announced the release of Beholder: Conductor, a spin-off of the Beholder series, in which players take on the role of a conductor on the Determination Bringer train. The game will be available for PC via Steam, although a release date has not been revealed yet.

Game Overview:

In Beholder: Conductor, players are appointed as senior conductors of the legendary Determination Bringer train. Their responsibilities include maintaining order in the designated transport and providing assistance to passengers along the way. Available tools include reporting, intimidation, searches, and ejection - after all, as the saying goes, the conductor is always right.


Key Features:

Monitor passengers: Keep an eye on everyone entering the carriage and decide what to do with the fugitives. Observe and report suspicious and prohibited activities, search luggage, and call the police when necessary.

Ascend the train: Gain access to exclusive areas of the train, such as the dining car and VIP compartments, where high-ranking officials and major industrialists mingle. Be alert to colleagues and report illegal behaviors, such as accepting bribes or transporting prohibited goods.

Complete Secret Missions: Earn the trust of high-ranking figures to receive special missions. Your loyalty will determine your level of secrecy, and successful completion will be rewarded with bonuses or promotions. However, you will also encounter smugglers along the way - transporting their packages can be risky, but profitable.

Explore various stations and remote corners of the country, make difficult decisions that will determine the fate of passengers and your colleagues. 

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