Activision Blizzard reinforces Call of Duty's Code of Conduct to combat online harassment.

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An Activision Blizzard, giant of the gaming industry, has announced a significant update to its code of conduct for the franchise Call of Duty. The measure aims to effectively combat online harassment by providing clearer guidelines on expected player behavior.

The publisher shared the changes in a recent post on the official Call of Duty blog, highlighting its commitment to eradicating discriminatory practices and promoting a healthier gaming environment. The update particularly focused on the "Treat Everyone with Respect" pillar of the code of conduct, clearly outlining intolerance towards bullying and harassment.

According to the new guidelines, Activision Blizzard will not tolerate any derogatory behavior based on race, identity or gender expression, sexual orientation, age, culture, faith, mental or physical abilities, or country of origin. Additionally, the amplification of any form of discrimination or violence is strictly prohibited.

The update was not limited to social issues alone, also addressing concerns related to cheating in the game. Activision Blizzard reiterated players' responsibility for their actions on their accounts and made it clear that the use of cheats, including third-party software, is unacceptable.

Another highlight was the new voice moderation system, implemented on August 30, 2023, which is still in beta phase. Since its introduction, over two million accounts have been subjected to automated reports, resulting in a significant 8% reduction in the number of repeat offenders.

Activision Blizzard acknowledged that only one in five players reports disruptive behavior. In response, the company is seeking ways to encourage more reporting, including soliciting direct feedback from users. See all patch notes here.
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